Don't Wanna

演唱:范逸臣 詞:Freddy 曲:范逸臣

我 操你媽的台北!

So many time I've tired

Put in my heart and soul

Never good enough for you

I'm sick of all your lies

It's time to realize

I'm better off without you

Don't wanna be a fool and a slave

To satisfy your needs

Not wanna waste my time and my life

To settle in your dreams

Your said it's over

It's never over

Tt's time for something new

I tried so hard

To get this over

To follow something new


剛開始聽到這首歌還以為是翻唱哪個外國屌團的歌咧 ..

想不到想不到 阿嘉作曲 閃靈的Freddy 填詞 好歌一枚 無敵啊 !!!!

阿嘉真的是搖滾咖了 朝 Rock 邁進 !! 搖滾不死啊啊啊啊啊 !!!! xDDD


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